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Board of Management

All primary schools are managed by a group of four or eight people who have a particular interest in the provision of primary schooling in their local area. This team is made up of parents’ nominees, teachers, nominees of the patron and community nominees who have a particular interest or expertise.

The Board of Management

Ms. Fiona Smyth, Chairperson Patron’s Nominee
Ms. Maria Farrell, Principal
Ms. Rosemary Walsh, Teacher’s Nominee
Ms. Lisa Payne, Parent’s Nominee
Mr. Michael McCoy, Parent’s Nominee
Ms. Samantha Reilly, Wider Community Nominee
Ms. Patsey Bodkin, Wider Community Nominee

Responsibilities of the Board of Management

The duties of the Board of Management are clearly defined in law and the parents’ role in this is fully acknowledged. The responsibilities of the board should include:

  • Ensuring the quality of pupil learning
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Ensuring the high quality of teaching
  • Developing and reviewing the school plan
  • Developing school policies

The Board of Management provides leadership and ensures effective management of the school, within an agreed school budget and a framework of accountability. In this the board is supported by the principal, the deputy-principal (for larger schools) and holders of other posts of responsibility, each with well-defined duties.

Since parents are the primary educators of their children their representatives have a critical role to play in the management of schools and in supporting the education of their children at school. This is why it is so important that parents hold positions on the Board of Management in our schools.

Board of Management Agreed Reports

The Board of Management communicate their work with the school community each term with a report.